Workshop testimonials

“Lynn kept me interested throughout the 3 hours and made me much more aware of my body and how it can affect the way my horse moves”. Julie Tyler

“Good pace and filled with interesting, appropriate information related directly to riding, it has really helped me to understand my riding more clearly. I really enjoyed the practical demonstrations with the saddle horse and long fitness ball. The time just flew by, Lynn has a super way of conveying her lessons. Thank you”. Jill Ellis

“I now feel sorry for my horse! I knew my faults & this has helped me to understand how i can correct them and why my horse behaves as he does”. Joanne Sandford

“Excellent, learnt such a lot in a small amount of time. Very well taught and felt I can take back the exercises I learnt to practise at home. Has made me far more aware of the alignment of my body”. Teresa Iommi

“Very good, easy to understand. The hands on approach made it easier to understand where you should be position wise. I’m sure it will improve my riding especially the collapsing of side aspect”. Caroline Houston

“Good workshop, informative and focused towards riding. I think seeing the impact of the seat position on the way of going of the horse will really help me to improve my riding. Thank you”

” Very clear and concise with information easy to understand and follow. Fabulous to have everything related to riding, it will definitely help me to improve myself”. Jenny Butler

“Very informative, easy to understand and always felt I could ask any questions. Thanks”. Kelly Hussey

“Great, helps you identify how your position helps or hinders your horse’s movement”. Jackie Henson

“A very informative and hands on workshop. In addition to learning about Pilates for Riders and how and why it helps our riding we learnt a good range of exercises which will help both me and my horse improve”. Tracey Kempson

“Very good pace, very interesting and relevant, very knowledgeable everybody kept up and enjoyed the session. It will help me to improve my posture and relaxation”. Penny Avery

“Clearly explained with good content. What I learnt will help me to improve my riding particularly the breathing exercises and body awareness of hips staying still when rotating and how this influences the horse when turning”. Jacqui Pratt-Adams

“Very useful and well delivered, what I have learnt will help me to improve my riding”. Cathy King

“Excellent workshop and delivery, I am sure it will help me to improve my riding and my body awareness”. Sally Miles

“An enjoyable workshop with good content especially with regard to effect on horse. The delevery was very clear and informative”. Sue Baker

“Very good workshop which has given me a lot to think about and work on. I realise that there are reasons for the way I ride”. Barbara Altuccini