Rider alignment lessons can be either mounted on your horse or dismounted on the saddle horse.

Does your horse feel crooked or much stiffer one way? Takes uneven steps, or is unwilling to go forward? Maybe your own alignment, balance and flexibility are affecting your horse? Lynn’s well-trained eye as both a Pilates teacher and Dressage Trainer enables her to notice even minor rider/horse misalignment /positional issues. Her knowledge of alignment and bio-mechanics along with the principles of Pilates gives her the knowledge to correct misalignments effectively, and from their source. Taking time to improve your seat, alignment and balance on your horse will allow you and your horse to progress to another level.

Lessons are available at First Choice Dressage and various locations in Suffolk and Essex. If you would like to organise a clinic with either private or shared sessions please contact Lynn for more details.


A private session with Lynn at her base is £45 for 45 minutes, although longer will be given if needed.

Two people sharing a lesson is £30 each.

Clinics from £45 dependant on numbers and location.

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