“Lynn has really helped me with my straightness and i have felt a real difference in my core strength when riding. My back has also felt so much looser since doing the classes”. Tina Finbra

“Pilates for Riders has really improved my riding tremendously. I am more secure, body aware and able to move more independently. Combined with lessons and the knowledge I have gained my horse Wilkie is very grateful”! Jill Ellis

“Lynn’s Pilates for Riders class has helped tone up my middle. I feel taller now and am able to ride with even stirrups rather than one shorter than the other”! Vicki Doy

“I was amazed at how quickly the Pilates for Riders’ classes have improved my posture when riding. I now have a more stable seat with the result of more control. My chiropracter says I have improved in muscle and skeletal position”. Martin Keveren

“I am now more supple with a stronger core when riding. I also have much more body awareness”. Nikki Gardiner

“I am much stronger now and more secure. I can now ride shoulder in, rotating from my waist and leeping my hips parallel with my horse’s. My circles and half halts have improved and I am more still in transitions”. Sarh Bingham

“This has improved my riding more than anything else. Mounting is much easier. I feel that I am sitting more deeply in the saddle and that I am much more upright”. Carol Gibson

“I now have much more core strength and more independent movement of body parts”. Sarah Smye

“Lynn’s one to one approach has been effective in helping me to think about my day to day posture, as well as helping my riding”. Hannah Woods

“Pilates for Riders classes has helped my back hugely and also made me much more aware of my body and where I am stiff”. Charlotte Ridgeway

“The Pilates for Riders’ classes have helped me ride better and made me feel much better in myself”. Lisa leek

“Lynn’s Pilates training has really helped me to improve my position. Correction on the saddle horse made me aware of my crookedness and the exercises Lynn gave me to work on has definitely helped this. I feel much more secure in the saddle and now I am more aware of my body and alignment I am able to notice if I am lapsing back into my old habits. My horse is appreciating my better position and is becoming more even on both reins. It has really helped me with my balance when jumping as well. I will definitely keep it up”. Mary Clark

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