Pilates for Riders clinics

Pilates for Riders clinics are one-to-one sessions. Lynn will assess alignment and posture both on and off the saddle horse, correcting any imbalances. A client assessment form with alignment imbalances and recommended exercises will be given so that you have something to refer to, this can then be reviewed at any future sessions.

This can also be combined with a matwork session using specific exercises to improve your alignment and core stability.

Clinics are by arrangement with Lynn and minimum numbers depend on location. All that is required is a warm room, Lynn will bring all the equipment, although clients may wish to bring their own saddles to put on the saddle horse.

Pilates for Riders clinics plus riding

Pilates for Riders clinics plus riding the above clinics can also be combined with a riding session after the Pilates. This is useful to be able to work on the issues that have been highlighted and improved in the Pilates session, when combined with the movement of the horse. It is also good for the rider to see the difference the Pilates not only makes to their bodies but also their horse’s way of going.

These combined Pilates for Riders plus riding clinics can also be booked on a small group basis with a matwork class followed by a group riding session.

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