Pilates for Riders’ workshops can be geared to your requirements but below are a few examples of themes. If you would like to host a workshop at your premises or for a riding club, livery yard please contact Lynn to discuss details

These workshops are for two or three hours and are interactive so will involve moving and experimenting with the principles of Pilates for Riders as well as some theory. Each workshop will benefit your riding and then ultimately your horse’s way of going by giving you knowledge in the areas listed below:

  • Improve your riding skills whether you just ride at weekends or are an advanced competitor
  • An understanding of core stability and flexibility needed for riding
  • How to align your spine correctly and gain greater body awareness to enable you to self-correct
  • Understand the power of breath and how to improve your focus
  • How your alignment affects not only your riding but also your horse’s way of going
  • How imbalances in one area of your body influence the rest of your movement and balance.

An Introduction to Pilates for Riders:

  • Looking at the principles of Pilates and how these relate to and improve riding
  • Understanding alignment and the effect mis-alignment will have, not only on your body and position but your horse’s way of going and straightness. Looking at rider alignment on the saddle horse
  • Demonstration using fitness ball to show how pelvic and spinal alignment can affect the movement of your horse’s back
  • Learning how to locate and activate your core muscles and the benefits that strengthening these muscles will have on your balance and posture
  • Looking at the effect breathing can have on our movement and how we can use breathing to improve the effectiveness of our aids and to influence our horse
  • Pilates for Riders beginner’s exercises specifically aimed at improving your riding will be practised so that you have something to work on at home.

Pilates on the ball:

  • Looking at your alignment and balance on the big exercise ball. This is a really useful tool to help you understand how your body moves when riding and shows how improvements in your flexibility and core stability aid your ability to sit well on your horse
  • Working with breathing and the power and influence breath can have on movement and how this helps with your aids
  • Pilates for Riders exercises and workout on the ball. (Please note you will have to bring your own ball).

Alignment and posture:

  • Looking at alignment and posture with the aid of the saddle horse (you may bring your own saddle with you).
  • Finding and activating your core muscles on the saddle horse and noticing the positive effect this has on your alignment and posture.
  • Learning how to correct mis-alignment by releasing tight muscles with the help of small equipment and activating the correct muscles to align the spine.
  • Pilates for Riders workout.

Developing Pilates for Riders:

  • For those who have attended the Introduction to Pilates for Riders workshop and now wish to develop the principles further.
  • Looking deeper into the relationship between the principles of pilates and how they can be used to take your riding to a new level.
  • Understanding the half halt, not only what to do but how to use your seat and aids correctly. Learn more deeply how to activate the correct muscles to produce a really influential half halt.
  • Progressive exercises that will develop more core stability with fluid movement, and increase your stamina followed by a more advanced Pilates for Riders workout.

All equipment will be provided plus handouts and refreshments. 

Places are limited on workshops as Pilates for Riders entails hands-on correction so classes are kept to a manageable level so that everyone can receive individual attention.



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