Lynn is passionate about her dressage training and very motivated in coaching her riders to improve both their riding and understanding of dressage training, as well as improving their horses. She is always improving her own knowledge and training and her clients benefit from this.

Lynn follows correct, classical principles, incorporating the German scales of training: rhythm, looseness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection. Her training has developed mainly from the knowledge she has gained from German trainer, Eberhard Weiss, whom she has trained with monthly for over ten years. Lynn now feels she has a fantastic system of training horses, right from the care and handling of youngsters and backing, all the way up to Grand Prix.

This method of training works on building complete harmony between the horse and rider. It produces horses that are supple, light and responsive to the aids and a pleasure to ride.

As Lynn has trained many horses from backing through the levels she understands the importance of establishing the basics before progressing too quickly, as these are the foundations for further training. Lynn develops the horses carefully in their early years, teaching them to stretch forward and downwards, this strengthens their topline muscles and gets them to use their backs and bend correctly; this will enable them to carry themselves and their rider more efficiently and in better balance. Nothing is ever forced and gadgets are not used, rather a little more time is spent educating the horse to accept a correct, light contact on the rein, so that he works through his whole body and stays in front of the bit and doesn’t sit behind it. This progressive, logical gymnastic training without forcing the horse to do movements too soon will result in a horse that uses his body more efficiently, so reducing injuries and prolonging his working life.

The horses remain relaxed throughout their training as exercises are gradually developed so that when asked for a more difficult movement, such as a flying change, the horses are prepared and easily able to perform. Since the basic way of going has been so well established, if a horse has problems, these are resolved more easily. Lynn has found that this training has improved all types of horses from hairy ponies to ex-racehorses to warmbloods. Even if you don’t aspire to being a top dressage rider, you will improve your horse and make it easier to ride.

Lynn also believes that horses benefit from a varied training program so as well as their dressage schooling all the horses do pole work and jumping as well as regular hacking and working in a big field. The horse live as naturally as possible with all youngstock from about three months of age living out all year round. They are backed from the field and usually when four are then brought in at night but continue to be turned out all day.

Lynn really loves horses and has great empathy with them so this training really suits her and only being small she can still ride big horses effectively, in a light easy way.

Lynn is a professional, reliable, approachable, conscientious coach who welcomes riders of all levels with all types of horses, so if you feel this approach to training is for you, please contact Lynn to discuss further or to book a lesson.


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