About Lynn Perry


With Lynn’s extensive qualifications you can be confident you are being trained by a true professional:

Lynn Perry

  • British Dressage Accredited Coach
  • UKCC Level 3 Dressage
  • British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor and Stable Manager (regd)
  • Level 3 Pilates Teacher


Lynn is a highly respected and fully qualified dressage coach and has been successfully training riders and horses for over twenty years.
As well as being a British Dressage Accredited Coach and BHSI SM, Lynn was one of the first British trainers to hold the UKCC Level 3 Dressage Coach qualification, having piloted the first course for British Dressage.

Her experience and training enables her to coach clients in the many elements required to be a successful rider and competitor. This entails psychology, nutrition, rider profiling, goal setting, and fitness. As a Level 3 Coach Lynn is successfully coaching riders and horses from prelim up to Prix St Georges level, as well as showing and event riders.


In addition to her riding qualifications, she has the advantage of being a ‘Body Control’ level 3 Pilates teacher and is on the register of exercise professionals

Lynn has successfully trained several horses (mainly home-bred) from youngsters to Prix St George and teaches clients of all abilities from happy hackers to serious competitors. Lynn is an enthusiastic coach, passionate about dressage and correct training. She works to develop the horse through consistent sympathetic training to create harmony between the horse and rider without resorting to force or gadgets.

Originally trained in Germany up to Advanced level, Lynn has since trained with several top trainers including Ellen Bontje and Conrad Schumacher. For 10 years Lynn had monthly training from German trainer Eberhard Weiss and follows correct, classical principles. Lynn now has regular training from Rui Campeao and Hayley Watson Greaves. She has successfully competed at National and Regional competitions but in recent years has concentrated on her coaching and developing her interest of breeding good competition horses. The break from competition also allowed Lynn to help her son Matthew to achieve his goal of becoming a professional polo player. He has now become one of Britain’s most successful players, winning the Queens Cup twice and the Gold cup and in 2013 was awarded the Young Player of the year award. During this time Lynn continued to train her home-bred mare, Mayfly working her in some of the Grand Prix movements until she retired a few  years ago to become a broodmare. Lynn is now training her next batch of youngsters, some of which will be sold and so,e kept as competition horses.


Lynn likes to work with all types and breeds of horses from thoroughbreds, native ponies to warm-bloods. Lynn has learnt a lot over the years from often riding challenging horses who find dressage difficult either mentally or physically. These horses have taught Lynn that all horses can be improved in their way of going but it takes time and sympathetic riding to develop their potential. She excels in finding ways to work through problems both mentally and with exercises to supple the horse rather than forcing it. Consequently, she has a deep knowledge and understanding of how to deal with the difficulties encountered by the majority of the riders she coaches who have horses of various types and abilities.

Lynn regularly holds dressage clinics in Suffolk  as well as coaching local riders.

Having practised Pilates for several years, initially to help her own riding and to keep her back healthy, Lynn found she was gradually using her knowledge of Pilates more and more to help her clients improve their position and alignment. This then led her to train as a Pilates teacher in 2009 to gain a much deeper knowledge of how the body works and moves, so that she could more effectively help riders improve. She is now helping many riders from dressage riders to polo players and weekend riders with Pilates for Riders.

The extensive training she received at Body Control Pilates, Europe’s foremost professional Pilates body www.bodycontrol.co.uk has given her a thorough knowledge of anatomy, the principles of Pilates and how the body moves. This, combined with her knowledge as a dressage coach, enables her to improve your riding, both whilst on the horse and through Pilates exercises that you can work on at home.

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