First Choice Dressage is an experienced and professional livery yard in Suffolk with a specialism in Dressage although all disciplines and levels are very welcome.  Below we have detailed our livery and dressage training services but should you have any specific requirements we welcome you to contact us to discuss them in more detail.

At First Choice Dressage your horse or pony will receive excellent care from our experienced team. Each horse is treated as an individual and receives a high standard of care on our quiet yard, where all horses seem to settle very quickly enjoying the structured daily routine we provide.

Livery can be tailored to your specific needs so if one of the packages below doesn’t suit you then please contact to discuss your requirements. Although primarily a dressage yard all our horses also jump and hack.

We use wheat straw but shavings are available if you prefer.

On site trainer Lynn Perry available for tuition

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Dressage / Flatwork Lessons £45 / 45 minutes private
£30 each two people sharing
  • On site training with Lynn Perry UK Level 3 Dressage Coach
Rider Alignment Sessions £45 / 45 minutes private
£60 each two people sharing
  • Individual or or group sessions
  • Mounted on your horse or on our saddle horse
  • Body Control Pilates qualified instructor
Part Livery   £369 per calendar month
  • Stable and individual paddock
    Large bale hay
  • Owner provides own hard feed (we put in so all horses fed together) and bedding, wheat straw can be purchased from the yard
  • turn out and bring in daily
  • feet picked out and rug changed either morning or evening
  • Owner responsible for mucking out, poo picking paddock, grooming and riding
Full Livery  £560 per calendar month
  • As part livery, plus
  • Hard feed included
  • Mucking out
  • Wheat straw bedding
  • Rugs changed and poo picking included
  • Bringing in for vet and farrier
Exercise Livery Price by arrangement
  • As full livery plus
  • horse can be exercised to help keep your horse going whilst you are at work.
  • Price by arrangement dependant on how many times a week horse is exercised.
Schooling Livery From £270 per week
  • As full livery, plus
  • Horse/ pony schooled five days a week. In agreement with owner we like to hack or ride the horse in a big field one or two days a week instead of schooling in the arena to give the horse a good all-round education
  • Jumping can also be done as part of the schooling, either to teach the horse to jump or grid work to help improve the strength and gymnastic ability of the horse
  • Short or long term
Holiday Livery Price by arrangement
  • Horses/ ponies looked after while you are away
  • if required exercised or schooled;
  • price dependant on service you require please contact Lynn

What our customers have said

"I can highly recommend Lynn Perry, based in Wetherden, who has helped my 16 year old daughter with schooling and generally managing her 16.1 hh dutch warmblood named River. After encountering some problems with him at home and sending him to a natural horsemanship yard for 10 months, we put him on schooling livery with Lynn when he came back. Lynn allowed us to continue using some of the basic principles we had been taught and helped us to continue his education as he did not like being left alone or leaving other horses initially.. Lynn accommodated his needs perfectly, understanding and pre empting any anxieties he may have had with a very calm and thoughtful approach. Lynn taught Jessica to keep calm, and was very patient with Jess when she was having a teenage "bad day", or losing confidence in herself. Lynn encouraged Jess not to give up when something did not quite go the way she wanted, and Jess enjoyed Lynns teaching style. Jess had previously attended some of the pilates courses Lynn holds, which she found very beneficial and useful to put in practice when riding. She also found the wearing of an ear piece (Lynn uses this instead of having to shout at you) and receiving instruction through the ear piece whilst riding very helpful, as it meant you can always hear what Lynn is teaching you wherever you are in the arena. Lynn accommodated us by taking over his entire care and schooling him when we were away on holidays, or unable to get to the yard. We always returned to find a very happy relaxed horse. The yard itself is very peaceful and friendly, all the staff were helpful and i can highly recommend both Lynn and her facilities"
. Jackie Henson
I sent my kind but inexperienced Irish mare to Lynn for some schooling to help us progress with our dressage. Because I have a disability it is important that she should respond to light aids rather than strength, so Lynn’s approach was appealing. I was very pleased with the training my mare received at Lynn’s yard. Not only was there a noticeable improvement in her way of going in a short time, but I found the yard professional, knowledgeable and welcoming and she was clearly happy and settled there. I also benefited from having lessons with Lynn during the schooling period which gave me useful pointers on how to work more in harmony with my mare. Grateful thanks to Lynn and her team, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Jennifer Phillips Campbell and Carrie.
I chose First Choice Dressage to back and bring on my four year old mare, and I am grateful everyday that I made that choice. My little horse was looked after as though she was their own, I was made so welcome that Lynn, her parents, staff and other clients are now also my friends! My horse came on quickly, under no stress or pressure and I now have a horse who is a pleasure to handle and ride. Everything was done to suit Grace and at her speed, with no fuss and no pressure. She has developed into a well mannered and happy horse, with no bad experiences to tarnish her trust in people. I had originally intended on remaining at First Choice Dressage as a livery after her backing, so that I could take advantage of the lessons Lynn gives, however personal circumstances forced a move to another county. Grace stayed with Lynn for over a month until she was ready to move here and I had no worries or anxieties about doing so. My only downside is that I couldn't pick up the yard and everyone in it and move them all with us. Thank you to you all for everything you have done for Grace and I
Tammi Forbe-Owen
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