We have 16 of our own horses, many of which are homebred ranging in age from 6 months old to our two retired mares at 22 and 24. All of our horses live out 24/7 in small groups so that they grow up in as natural a way as possible. They are fed ad lib big bale hay and Thunderbrooks base mix which provides them with a natural feed to cover all their vitamin and mineral requirements. All of our horses including young colts are easy to handle and be around in the field.

From foals the horses are handled and trained using the TRT method,  this was designed by Tristan Tucker to mentally train horses to cope in our human environment. It can help solve common problems such as spookiness and tension, separation anxiety and trailer loading as well as improving suppleness and a calm way of training horses in riding as well which fits in with Lynn’s philosophy. From this correct, careful training we have had great success with our home-breds sold proving to be excellent competition horses and well loved in their new homes. 

Lynn has a variety of horses working through the dressage levels with her ultimate goal to produce a home-bred Grand Prix Dressage horse.

We have one or 2 horses and youngsters available for sale each year, you can see more about the horses available and what foals have been bred in Horses for Sale and Broodmares.

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