Anna Kerridge & Johnny Friendly

I have been having lessons with Lynn for just over a year. She has really helped with the straightness and balance of me and my horse. Like most combinations, we both have a weaker side and Lynn has worked with us on balancing us both and working.

 My horse, Johnny Friendly, is a 10 year old ex sprinter. Although he does enjoy his dressage, he obviously doesn’t find it as natural as a Warmblood might.
However, I have noticed my competition scores rise since starting Lynn’s clinics and am now receiving comments about the straightness of my horsewhich I never had before, especially in the canter!
In fact, in 2014, we won both the Prelim & Novice UK Riders Racehorse to Dressage Star at the National Finals held at UK Arena and represented Suffolk in the Retraining of Racehorse (RoR) Inter-County Championships, contributing to an overall Suffolk win!
We have been affiliated since the end of 2014 and have been placed each time out in Prelim & Novice.
Lynn has a great way of explaining things, not just the how but the why. She has a real affinity with the horse and the rider and understands how to make them go to the best of their ability. Understanding how the anatomy of both horse & rider works really means that she is able to make small tweaks to get excellent results.
Although my test scores have increased, much of the focus of our sessions is how to work at home, in order to ensure the basics are in place. Obviously, this is fundamental in order to ensure the horse is physically strong enough to be able to perform moves as they progress.
Lynn has the ability to identify small issues and be able to offer solutions that make perfect sense but which you may not have thought about before and which make a huge difference to the way your horse goes.
She is very positive and always quick to point out when things are working well and find solutions to more challenging moments!


Laura Richardson & Bonmahon Miner

We have been having dressage lessons with Lynn for about 20months now. I found her through BD as I was looking for someone who could help me to bring on my youngster; in a relaxed and friendly environment. I am very serious about what we do and as such I want the best available. I believe in asking the horse and allowing him to understand what is required and this approach works well with Lynn. I cannot say enough about how much my horse and my own riding has improved since we have been having lessons, he is a completely different horse to the very inexperienced youngster I first turned up with. When I first bought him he couldn’t canter properly, and when he did he got in a huge panic and stress, especially when you came back down to trot; it was horrible. Lynn has helped me immensely to get him over this. I also have to learn to sit up straighter and that is something I am working hard on now and Lynn’s help is invaluable in this as well.
My aim for Bo was to compete at BE 90 level eventing this year and we have achieved that. His dressage tests are so much more relaxed than when we first started out and he is now confidently learning new things without getting stressed and worried. I am very confident in our ability to move up to BE100 at some point next season, and if all goes to plan to try and qualify for the Grassroots finals. I also compete at Novice level dressage and look forward to learning more advanced moves with him, as and when Lynn feels he is ready.

Becky Ewart and De Georgio

I started having lessons with Lynn when I felt like I was venturing into the Becky Ewart and De Georgiounknown and getting a bit lost in the process! I have trained monthly with Eberhard Weiss for the past 6 years with my horse George, since he was a 3 1/2 year old and he has trained us up to Advanced level. It became apparent recently that I needed some help in between my sessions with Eberhard, so Lynn seemed like the perfect choice as she also trains with him and I was also keen on the integration of Pilates techniques in her training methods.

The big problem that I was experiencing with George was a problem with the right bend, which was not helped by me slipping out to the left on the right rein. This was leading to problems in the lateral work. We were also struggling with the flying changes, particularly in competition.

After only 4 lessons, the bending to the right is much improved and I am sitting much straighter thanks to Lynn’s attention to detail and advice on how to correct a problem. It has also reawakened the part of my brain that learnt Pilates a couple of years ago, and my core strength is improving! Lynn is really helping us both make progress and she has really helped us get out of a rut! Thanks Lynn.

Kala Nobbs

I have been having occasional lessons with Lynn for about five months. I have come to dressage late in life and as you can see my horse Billy isn’t your classic dressage warmblood! After competing for a year or so our dressage scores at prelim were getting worse and I was becoming a bit despondent about it all. Lynn assured me that she was happy to work with all sorts of horses and riders. She seemed confident that she could help us improve – and indeed this has proved to be the case. My husband said that Lyn must work some kind of magic as he had never Pseen Billy go as well as he did within minutes of starting the first lesson!

Our dressage scores immediately started to improve and hopefully will continue to do so.(photo courtesy rob Morris)

Nikki Gardiner

I started training with Lynn when I bought my youngster and Nikki & Dave have never looked back. Finding the right trainer for my ‘precious big baby’ was imperative to me and I was reliably informed that Lynn’s sympathetic, unforced way of training was what I was looking for. Sure enough it is and I am thrilled with how well he is going

I now have a much deeper understanding of training a dressage horse and wish I had met Lynn years ago when my other horses were competing!

Caroline Shaw and Najahn

I have been having lessons with Lynn for about 10 years in total with 2 different horses. This is my 6 year old home-bred mare who this year on her debut at HOYS came second in the Ridden Arab Mare of the Year. Lynn has helped me bring her on for the show ring, where manners and correct way of going are very important.
She is ridden in the show ring by a professional, but I school her at home all year round. Lynn has been invaluable in training me to ride with subtle aids, keeping the horse going forwards in a light and loose way, which for the show ring is vital in showing off the horses natural paces. Also the horse has to be obedient for the judge to ride so obedience to the aids is a must.
Lynn also helped me with my first gelding who was Reserve Champion gelding at HOYS and placed first at the Royal International, so I am looking forward to another year of lessons with my mare to continue with her training so she can follow in the footsteps of her full brother.
I consider this succsess very much a team effort and without Lynn I could not have kept up the schooling at home, my lessons are fun and informative.

Marianne Bjerre Christiansen (Denmark)

Lynn is Marianne competing A Fresian marea very competent dressage trainer who finds a correct basic education of the horse very important.
Lightness and looseness are some of the keywords for her training. Lynn has taught me to feel the horse and how to ride, using as light aids as possible.
Lynn has helped me with five different horses all with different abilities and conformations. Lynn is always able to find the right trainings program for each horse, suitable for that special horse at a particular level, from prelim to advanced. I trained with Lynn through Marianne and Crispen my 8 years period staying in the UK, Lynn trained me a nd my horse from prelim to advanced medium– after relocation back to my native Denmark Lynn is still coming to Denmark on a regular basis holding clinics, which are most popular.

Jenny Gates

I am 13 years old and have been having dressage lessons with Lynn for 3 Jenny Gates’ Testimonialmonths, I have a 16.1hh 12 year old warmblood. Over the past year since I bought him he has been fantastic but very trying at times, Lynn has sorted out so many issues we had, my riding has improved loads. Lynn is very patient and knows straightaway how to cure a problem, I have lots more confidence now and am competing at Novice with my horse and our partnership is ever improving. I am certain with Lynn’s quiet methodical style of teaching and sharing her vast knowledge I can continue to improve and be a good dressage rider.
Lynn also runs a very clean & tidy yard which we used for a week for our horse when I went on holiday, this was a great help as she rode my horse for me, it is such a bonus to have a trainer that rides your horse. My horse was able to be turned out by day and in at night, perfect he came home tuned and very happy.
Lynn you have been fantastic, Thank you.

Caroline Williams

I had done pony club and hunted on successive ponies and horses but had never really been taught any real riding technique other than staying on and getting over the fences.

Returning to horses after a 17 year gap I found myself having pulling matches with a very beautiful Warmblood and feeling like I might have over-horsed myself. I was somewhat unsure that a BD dressage trainer would want to teach me. I was nervous turning up for our first lesson, expecting we might be assessed as a somewhat hopeless case!

After the first 20 minutes Lynn solved our pulling problem and after a few lessons we started to work on getting him on the bit using classical methods and exercises. I was hooked. Suddenly we had things to go into the school to practice, which made schooling fun and it was making a big difference to all of our other riding.

My lovely horse unfortunately went lame last year. With Lynn to train us I had the confidence to take on a four year old TB ex racehorse to bring on. We have now had a another year with her and again her depth of knowledge of the scales of training, combined with experience of many different types of horse, means that for every problem we encounter as he and I progress, Lynn produces an exercise we can use to solve it.

It is lovely to work with a young horse and feel the correctness of this method of schooling – the horse really finds the work easier when he does it correctly and so quickly learns for himself. There is no fight or struggle, Lynn leads us through the stages and my horse is becoming more responsive and balanced. I benefit too from having my posture corrected – the difference in our canter work recently from making changes Lynn has suggested is noticeable and very encouraging.

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